About Weed It Your ADs

Weed It Your ADs is a business that offers all kinds of cannabis-related medicines, including edibles, medical, and recreational. If you reside within Belgium, Canada, USA, UK or another country in which this kind of purchase is legalized by the law of your country: Weed it Your ADs is the right place for you.

We offer pure cannabis products that are tested for purity by herbalists and doctor-inspected every product.

Analgesics, bronchodilatorsand antibacterials and anti-inflammatory medications are not the only medications available. Food retailers will also be in awe since they sell spices like Turmeric and cloves as well as avocado cubes at affordable prices. Because of the availability of these products on the internet, consumers can save money which makes regular shopping trips at the supermarket ineffective. It all began with the time that Indica-seeds from Oregon were treated for cancer which required lots of radiation, causing burning pain all over their bodies… They came to us for help because they couldn’t take conventional medications any longer. The plants they used every day to ease their pain weren’t legal to use which is why we thought If it worked prior to trial then why not allow it to be legal and other!

Do you own a brick and mortar shop?
We have a store (our main store!) located at 34 High bury Park Dr. Nepean, ON, K2J 5C6, which also sells marijuana from certified producers across Canada as well as 4801 York Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90042, United States which sells all over the world.

Can I purchase cannabis on the internet?
Yes, you can purchase cannabis online. At Weed It Your ADs we ensure that the products are delivered to your address safely and discreetly through Ouid agents. There is no delivery charge after your purchase has been verified. Ouid allows you to place an order from your home easy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the handling of your product and delivery. Keep yourself healthy and fit by shopping at Ouid Shop.

What can I do to order cannabis on the internet?
Simply click to go to your Shop page in the main menu. This will bring you to our order page. After you’ve selected the items you wish to purchase you can make payment online using the payment method you prefer available. You may also choose to collect your order physically after having paid for your order online . Make sure to keep your confirmation receipt along with the order numbers and other details.

Do I need to show my ID to get Cannabis order?
If you visit our store, all customers is required to show proof of government ID , regardless of age to prove that they’re at least 18 years old and legally buy cannabis. It is not necessary to have an Medical Card for online purchases. This only applies to people who are planning to walk to the store. This is a rule that’s not a exception!

What is Ouid herb-based smoking blends?
Our blends are a completely natural method to personalize your cannabis. They are intended to be rolled into joints with cannabis in order to regulate the level of you feel. They are also able to be smoked on by themselves.

The blends that are included?
Each blend has been developed by a licensed herbalist. Check out the list below of ingredients, or visit our store to find more information about the product.

Uplift: mullein Kola, uva Ursi, red strawberry leaf, tulsi peppermint
Relax: marshmallow, catnip and mugwort, skullcap lemon balm and chamomile hops
Arouse the senses: red raspberry leaf damiana lavender, catnip lady’s mantle and calendula passionflower
Do you think there is cannabis the area?
Yes! Our products are free of nicotine, tobacco or other additives.

Can you safely smoke?
Our herbal blends are made up of natural, pure herbs with been around for a long time and have been utilized to smoke. However, smoking or any other form of smoking can increase the intake of carbon dioxide and could be harmful in terms of health. Smoking