blue dream cbd

Blue Dream CBD

Blue Dream CBD is a mostly sativa mix between California Orange CBD and Blue Dream that has all the qualities of the CBD strain. It has the same 10% THC and CBD content.
The plant produces a good crop in 63-70 days and has strong colas with large buds filled with resin. At low temperatures, the strain shows blue, silver, and purple hues. It has a large distance between the leaves, which gives good light and air penetration. The variety has a good root system and grows vigorously.
The aroma and taste are pungent, sweet, with berry, citrus and spicy notes. The smoke gives it a mild, moderate, energetic buzz with a euphoric effect. This strain is excellent for therapeutic purposes.

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THC – 10%, CBD – 10%
35% Indica/ 65% Sativa

The 1:1 ratio of CBD/THC gives off a mild head rush then plateaus to clear and energizing effect. The coming down is not too heavy and tolerable. Smells citrusy and a little fruity but smoke is still rather harsh considering it has just cured for a week. Perfect for daytime smoke and to get things done. Great for anxiety as well. I grew this mainly for my mom who suffers from chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Will update her review later on as she’ll be consuming by infused oil.

This is a hardy and vigorous strain. My first plant to grow in DWC. She performed really well and endured all the intense training I put on her. With all the topping and mainlining, heavy defoliation and multiple supercropping, she took it well and recovered fast. Veg was longer as expected. Not much nutrient issues. Just kept nutrient regime dosing on the low side. She smells sweet, citrus and earthy throughout flowering but it was never overwhelming. Plant 1 buds were dense and dripping with trics while Plant 2 buds were airy and loose.

I don’t know where to start and I must admit I’m completely overwhelmed by this beautiful beautiful plant :heart::heart::heart: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’m so happy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
She is a blessing! Excuse the outburst, but she is magical :sunny: I applaud you guys at Humboldt for creating such a wonderful strain :raised_hands:

She takes well to massive training and a little neglect in the beginning, meaning she recovers well, which is what I want :blush: I didn’t experience any major deficiencies. I did not flush this plant and she smokes already beautifully mild after only a couple of days of curing. Drying her took 7 days in the tent and 9 days in the fridge. She crusted up with lots of stickiness while drying and gave off a good bit of scissor hash & kief while trimming. Smoking her is a great and different experience to me. It’s my first time with a 1:1 strain and I can definitely notice the CBD content. She shows in a very well balanced body high with a slight and gentle knock on the THC door. The first couple of days I felt a craving for higher THC which settled down after only a couple of days. Then I noticed craving less, almost like only when my body and mind needed it. Very interesting and definitely worth growing. So you guessed right, I totally recommend growing this beauty. Especially if you are interested in exploring a 1:1 THC:CBD strain with all its magical medicinal values :pray: Applause to the creators, you did an amazing job. Chapeau :tophat:

My Mama loves this plant! Which of course was what this grow was all about. I decided she needs a higher CBD/ lower thc strain in her life. This 1:1 is really a perfect ratio, a nice happy, uplifting and relaxing high. with none of the awful paranoia that ive come to associate with very high thc or some sativa strains. A great smoke for daytime but also early evenings.

The plant grew beautifully up until the last few weeks, but even those speed bumps didn’t stop this small but mighty plant from getting nice dense, good quality buds. For having such a short veg period I was very impressed with this plant.

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