cbd additive

Beverage Additives

Here you’ll find our high-potency, consciously formulated beverage additives. All of our products use hemp sourced from Colorado and utilize third-party testing to ensure every product is up to the standards you deserve. We utilize nano-sized CBD with reintroduced terpenes because when CBD is nano-sized, it becomes water-soluble. Our body is made of mostly water and absorbs our nano-CBD 5x more than tr aditional CBD oil.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in hemp (or marijuana but we use hemp extracts only). These wonderful cannabinoid extractions stimulate our endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is involved in a wide array of processes. Certain cannabinoids work with certain functions better than others, which is why we have a CBG emphasized AM Blend and CBN emphasized PM Blend.

We now offer Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum beverage additives. Full Spectrum utilizes the whole hemp plant extract including all cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Our Broad Spectrum utilizes the whole plant minus the THC. Our THC-Free beverage additives come in two choices which emphasize different minor cannabinoids. The *THC-Free* AM CBG/CBD Blend has 250mg CBG and 1000mg CBD. This blend is great if you’re looking for a gentle uplift to your day. The *THC-Free* PM CBN/CBD Blend has 100mg CBDN and 1000mg CBD. This blend is a relaxing solution for those needing the extra bedtime and comfort assistance.

Terpenes are aromatic and flavor compounds found in nearly all plants. We utilize different terpenes for each blend to create specified effects when combined with CBD.

CBD beverage additives are easy to add to find quick relief.