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Can You Really Make Money With CBD BioCare?

December 10, 2019

As the name suggests, CBD BioCare is a CBD oil company. It is one of the few companies in this field that focuses entirely on CBD products.

CBD oil gets its name from cannabidiol. The oil contains many of the compounds that are present in hemp but lacks THC. This means that the oil has no psychoactive properties (it won’t get you high).

This means that CBD oil may offer some of the potential health benefits from cannabis, without the high. CBD oil exploded in popularity with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made CBD oil legal in certain situations.

The high demand for CBD oil suggests that it could be a good way to earn. Even people who aren’t interested in cannabis may want to try out the oil. It’s also a consumable product. That’s good news for making sales.

Of course, the product type is only part of the story. We also need to consider CBD BioCare itself, including the products that are sold and the methods of making money. After all, you’re not going to get far with income if you’re promoting poor-quality products.

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Two Ways To Make Money With CBD BioCare

There are two general ways to earn with CBD BioCare. The first is to sell the products.

The second is to also recruit people into the company. This second style is known as team building. You don’t earn from the recruitment process, but from the sales your team members make.

This post considers both of these styles, along with whether CBD BioCare could be a viable source of income.

Make Money From Product Sales

The first product to mention from CBD BioCare is their full-spectrum CBD oil. This comes in a variety of strengths, ranging from 500 mg all the way up to 3,500 mg. The price changes with the strength, going from $64.99 for a 30 ml bottle to $159.00 for the same bottle size.

This means that members are paying more for higher concentrations. While the prices might seem high, they’re not unusual for the industry. Some customers will also like the fact that there are various strengths to choose from.

Many other companies will just provide one strength or perhaps two. Having a variety of options gives CBD BioCare a clear edge in the market.

There are also two flavors, original and peppermint, along with the ability to order via autoship. Autoship means that the same order gets sent out to you on a regular basis. Most companies provide a discount for autoship orders, but it’s not clear whether or not CBD BioCare does.

The oil is third-party tested and full-spectrum, which will be appealing to many people. The company also provides the appropriate certificates of analysis on their site.

Full-spectrum oil is often desirable, as it contains a range of compounds from cannabis. However, there is also a second type of CBD that is an extract instead. By offering only one of two types of CBD oil, CBD BioCare may not be appealing to all potential customers.

CBD BioCare also has some other CBD oil products, including gum, liquid capsules, and gummies. There are only a few items to choose from here, but the extra products do help to extend the range out.

Beyond this, CBD BioCare has some skincare products, along with some products for pain relief. These all use CBD oil as well.

Finally, there are three items for pets, including CBD oil, a topical spray, and CBD soft pet chews. While CBD products for pets aren’t unusual, these items are a good addition to the overall product selection.

There are various reviews for products on the CBD BioCare site, which tend to be positive. The reviews do appear to come from legitimate users, but there’s no way to know how biased the reviews are.

Most of the feedback from other sites focus on the opportunity side of CBD BioCare, rather than the products. As such, the best approach is to make sure that you’re pleased with the products yourself before you promote them.

Earning From Sales

CBD BioCare has a stronger focus on sales than many other companies. This can be seen in the rank system that they use. There are just three ranks here: Sales Representative, Sales Manager and CBD CEO.

The ranks influence commission levels. At the Sales Representative level, you can earn 20% to 25% commission. The Sales Manager level provides between 30% and 35% commission, while the CBD CEO level provides up to 40% commission.

Interestingly, these ranks aren’t linked to your team’s performance. Your compensation level is tied to personal sales instead. For example, you need $5,000 in sales for the 30% rate and a whopping $25,000 for the 40% rate.

There’s one saving grace with this design – the sales are cumulative. This means that you only need to hit each sales target once, rather than reaching them each month.

The style provides the chance to grow your business over time, without needing to rely on a team. Still, it would take time to hit some of the higher sales tiers.

Make Money Building A Team

CBD BioCare does appear to have a team-based side to their compensation plan too. In particular, the site mentions that there are representatives and sub-reps. You are also able to earn up to 10% in overrides from team sales.

The presence of overrides suggests that CBD BioCare follows a classic unilevel team structure. This design places recruits in your downline based on who recruited who. You then earn percentage overrides from different levels in your downline.

However, CBD BioCare doesn’t provide any specifics, so the exact structure isn’t clear.

One other thing to mention is the ongoing requirements. Most MLMs have sales goals that you need to hit each month. You’ll often need to hit a low goal if you just want to make sales and a higher one if you plan to build a team as well.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with CBD BioCare. Their site makes no mention of ongoing requirements. Still, it would be worth reading the fine print closely before signing up, just in case.

CBD BioCare Is A Direct Marketing Company In The CBD Oil Field. But, Is It Viable As A Way To Make Money? That's What This Post Looks Into.