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All About My Companies: CBD Hemp Experts

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I believe that any company you create contains a considerable part of yourself. Your passions should be what drives you to create your businesses. In my case, my passions are super varied, so I have created a LOT of successful companies! I’m proud of each one for many different reasons, so I wanted to put a spotlight on them to say why they’re so special to me and the customers and clients they serve.

This week, I’m going to be looking at CBD Hemp Experts.

Why Create a CBD Company

Origin stories are important. For superheroes, an origin lays out everything about what makes that character unique and drives them. And not unlike superheroes, every company has an origin story too!

In the case of CBD Hemp Experts, it all goes back to my father. Cancer affects countless families across the United States, and mine is no exception. After cancer-related surgery, my father was experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. Traditional painkillers given to him by the doctors numbed it, but only slightly. Thankfully, there was another option: cannabidiol, also known as CBD.

Once my father began taking CBD, his pain decreased significantly. It was, frankly, a miracle. This substance dramatically improved his quality of life, more than any prescribed drug on the market. It was at that point I became an evangelist for the CBD hemp industry. I’m a firm believer in the future of using CBD to improve health and wellness across the country.

This is the main reason why I founded CBD Hemp Experts. I saw a market that was on the verge of exploding. Someday soon, CBD products could replace many staple products on the market. I wanted to be in on the ground floor to ensure that there was a company that would bring professionalism, transparency, and awareness to the CBD hemp industry. And that’s exactly what I’ve built with CBD Hemp Experts.

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

All of this raises the question: What the heck is CBD? And it comes from hemp? Isn’t that marijuana?

Most people know that hemp and marijuana are technically the same plant, Cannabis sativa, but there are two different forms of it. Marijuana contains high amounts of the psychoactive drug THC (which is what gives you a high). Hemp, on the other hand, contains very low levels of THC, instead having high levels of CBD.

CBD is very different in its effects from THC. For one thing, you cannot get high from CBD; therefore, it has no use as a recreational drug. However, CBD does have multiple medical applications such as an ability to decrease pain, fight against anxiety, and many other positive attributes.

Thankfully, legislation outlawing the use of Cannabis sativa for certain applications have been progressively loosening over the last decade, meaning that CBD products have started to become readily available. This blossoming market offers incredible opportunities to companies looking to break into the personal wellness, beauty, and pet care businesses.

But Isn’t It Still Illegal?

One question that I often hear is, “Is CBD legal? It’s technically cannabis, right?” Good question!

CBD is, in fact, legal across the United States, with some specific restrictions. It was legalized by the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (better known as the Farm Bill). So long as the hemp plants contain no more than 0.3% of THC by dry weight that comes specifically from hemp, they are legal to produce. So, while the THC in marijuana remains classified as a Schedule I drug, hemp is now fair game, provided that it is grown in a manner consistent with the Farm Bill.

While it has been legalized federally, specific states might have laws that prohibit CBD and other hemp-derived products. So be sure to check your state laws before really diving into building a CBD company. That said, now that the ball has gotten rolling with CBD, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon! Exploring starting a CBD company in a state where it still has restrictions just means that you will be in on the ground floor!

How CBD Hemp Experts Helps

As one of the world’s largest wholesale providers of premium hemp-derived CBD products, we are dedicated to popularizing CBD products and getting them out there to consumers. To do this, we partner with CBD businesses looking to expand their brands. By providing them with white label, private label, or customized products, we are the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to introduce your brand to the booming CBD market.

We have over 150 different bulk and wholesale CBD products available for purchase. We are also experts in all areas of CBD, not just the products. This means that we can not only provide you with bulk products but can also help you develop your business’ brand!

As you can tell, CBD Hemp Experts is one of the companies of which I am most proud. One of the reasons why I’m an entrepreneur is because I want to create businesses that improve people’s lives. And I believe that is precisely what we are doing at CBD Hemp Experts!

Your passions should be what drives you to create your businesses. CBD Hemp Experts is one of the companies of which I am most proud.