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Since our founding, we’ve sold CBD vape juice bottles to customers all over the world. And our CBD vape juice continues to set the industry benchmark for quality, thanks to our unmatched flavour, effectiveness, and purity. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of CBD vape e-liquids that let you vape your daily CBD exactly the way you want. Each CBD vape juice bottle begins with a carefully grown, organic hemp plant in the United States, in a 50/50 VG & PG ratio. It’s also rigorously tested by independent labs before it arrives at your doorstep. Most of our vape juices are available in 500mg and 1000mg strengths and are made with high-quality , food-grade ingredients.


CBD Vape Kit

Blue Raspberry – CBD Vape Juice

Wild Watermelon – CBD Vape Juice

Strawberry Kiwi – CBD Vape Juice

Strawberry Milk – CBD Vape Juice

Platinum Rose – CBD Terpenes Oil

OG Kush – CBD Terpenes Oil

Pineapple Express – CBD Terpenes Oil

Gelato – CBD Terpenes Oil

CBD Vape Juice for a Sweet Taste of Calm

What’s better than something delicious that actively helps you?

That’s why each of our CBD vape juices contains the perfect concentration of 99% Pure CBD Isolate to satisfy your hemp-related needs. You’ll be able to control your daily CBD intake by monitoring the amount of CBD you vape each day. Our collection of CBD vape juices are specially designed to be compatible with standard sub- ohm vaping devices as well as smaller more portable vape pens or CBD vape kits .

This allows you to get your daily amount of CBD in a uniquely convenient and enjoyable way.

We also offer additional CBD oil vape additives that allow you to combine our potent, clean CBD with any e-liquid of your choice. With these specially-crafted vape additives , you can add a perfectly controlled amount of hemp oil to any vape juice that’s designed for sub- ohm vaping .

CBDfx has always positioned itself in a way that allows us to be able to cater to customers with all kinds of preferences. Whether you’re on the prowl for a delicious CBD e-juice or a soft, chewy CBD gummy, we’ve covered all bases to meet your needs.

Our CBD vape juice is one of the areas where our expert mixologists really shine the brightest by creating extraordinary CBD vape flavours and CBD vape juice that excel in both quality and effectiveness.

Experience the Benefits Fast with Our CBD Vape Oil

If you want to experience the benefits of CBD quickly, you’ll need a good CBD vape kit . Among all the forms of CBD intake, the fastest-acting form of CBD is without a doubt, CBD that’s absorbed when e-liquid is vaped.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means that if you’re the type that wants to feel a continuing sense of calm hitting your endocannabinoid system throughout the day—and enjoy the taste of a delicious vape while you do it—your best bet is to go with a good CBD vape oil .

A Closer Exploration of Vaping

As far as CBD is concerned, vaping hasn’t always been the most popular method of delivery. That is until the industry began to really take shape. And as the hemp industry has gained explosive growth and popularity in the last couple of years, the public is becoming more aware of its intriguing effects.

Those who consume CBD have found that it is a fascinating natural compound whose earthy hemp taste does nothing to take away from its other attributes. While cannabidiol can be enjoyed through a variety of different delivery methods, including CBD tinctures , CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and more, the vaping of CBD vape juice has recently become one of the most popular forms of consumption.

Our guess is because it looks cool and tastes great, but hey, that’s just one humble CBD company’s opinion. Let’s take a closer look at the science.

The Science of Vaping CBD

Consuming CBD in the vapour form is a lot more effective than many give it credit for. Despite CBD tinctures being the classic delivery method for consuming cannabidiol , some are beginning to consider CBD vaping to be an even more favourable method.

Fast absorption is what really places this method of CBD consumption ahead of others. When you vape CBD, you can absorb the compound at a much faster rate than other methods. This allows it to reach your bloodstream through your lungs instead of your digestive system—which is what helps you feel the effects on your brain’s receptors even faster.

Not only does it absorb faster, but it’s also common to see CBD vape juice with very few ingredients. This makes it perfect for those who prefer to consume CBD with minimal additives .

With CBD capsules, CBD gummies, and other CBD products , there is a pre-measured amount of CBD. This allows you to measure out your CBD intake easier, but it can also be limiting if you only left home with a CBD gummy or two.

On the other hand, CBD vaping allows you to personalise your CBD serving by vaping more or less on a given day. The choice is totally up to your discretion and how much you want to feel the relaxing effects of CBD at that moment.

Another critical benefit to CBD vaping is this…

It wears off within a reasonable timeframe—in many cases 30 minutes to an hour.

For example, if you’re enjoying the effects of CBD content via a CBD capsule but you need to be in a tightly-focused state of mind to operate heavy machinery, the effects of a CBD capsule may not wear off for a minimum of a few hours or so.

What this beneficial timetable allows is for you to feel the effects of a high concentration of CBD with a MUCH greater level of control, allowing the feeling to fade when you need to be more alert.

Today, Vaping CBD vape liquid is also one of the most relaxed forms of consumption due to the delicious flavour-filled clouds and lasting tastes. The pure act of vaping is undeniably satisfying, and just think: we haven’t even gotten started on the flavours of our CBDfx vape juice!

Taste the 8 Delicious Flavours of Our Best CBD Vape Juices

We’re proud to have an incredible team of flavour experts who work hard to create mouth-watering treats for your vaping pleasure.

We have CBD e-liquid and CBD cartridges for every type of craving under the sun. Whether you dream of creamy, sweet strawberry milk or cool, refreshing watermelon slices, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our full selection of favourite e-liquid flavours…

A Variety of Flavours for CBD Vape Juice


There’s a reason why your favourite candies all taste like fruit; it’s delicious! That’s why some of our leading CBD vape juice flavours are designed to taste just like the sweet and tangy flavours you know and love!

These flavours include…

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Wild Watermelon
  • Strawberry Kiwi

Who doesn’t love the nostalgia of remembering your favourite dessert as a kid? Well, how would you like to taste it? In our sweet selection of dessert flavoured classics, we’re bringing back strong memories of your childhood and finishing it with a taste you can’t forget.

These flavours include…

  • Strawberry Milk
Cannabis Classics

If the taste of a classic cannabis plant marijuana strain is wrong, we don’t want to be right. In a selection of famous cannabis strains that have inspired countless hip-hop albums, we combine a delectable, complex, and nostalgic taste of your favourite weed strains without the intoxicating effects of THC . Jam out to your favourite music with a greater sense of harmony with these cannabis classics…

  • Gelato
  • Pineapple Express
  • OG Kush
  • Platinum Rose

Note: These flavours are CBD isolate and not broad spectrum .

What Is CBD Vape Juice?

In short, CBD vape juice is a flavourful—though sometimes flavourless —liquid that’s used in vapourisers, vape cartridges, and other vape devices to produce delicious CBD vapours.

Known by other names such as e-liquid, e-juice , vaping liquid, e-cigarette juice, or incorrectly labelled CBD vape oil , CBD vape juice is what fuels the CBD vape industry—and allows you to vapourise your CBD intake.

  • CBD vape juice can be made with three types of CBD*…
  • Broad Spectrum CBD – pure CBD with slight any THC (0.002%)
  • Full Spectrum CBD – which is not allowed in the UK
  • CBD Isolate – often called THC-free; with non-detectable traces of THC ** or other cannabinoids ; this means you won’t have to worry about THC showing up on a drug test.

    *Note – All CBD types are non-psychoactive and hold no adverse side effects .
    **Note – As required by the U.S. government and FDA, industrial hemp used in mass-market CBD products are prohibited from holding more than .3% THC content if you plan to import.

What Are the Ingredients of CBD Vape Juice?

Generally speaking, e-liquids are made from harmless food-based ingredients. However, there are a few bad actors out there making vape juice from poor ingredients like vitamin e acetate, pesticides, solvents, or essential oils.

These types of companies should be avoided so if you see any of these ingredients on a label, put the bottle down, and avoid them.

In general, the vape juice is made of five main ingredients: water, flavouring , propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, CBD oil with an MCT carrier—and sometimes terpenes .

While the flavourings themselves are widely used in food-based applications—for example, candies and other edibles—are safe to consume, and when combined well, make some incredible flavours!

However, when searching for a good vape juice, you want to keep an eye out for these key ingredients…

Propylene Glycol

This is a colourless, odourless liquid used in a variety of food and medical applications. It helps to evenly distribute the taste and flavour of the vape juice.

Vegetable Glycol

This is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oil. It’s used to give a certain level of thickness to the vapour, and smoothes out the harshness of the Propylene Glycol, and gives your e-liquid flavours more body.

If you can read your vape juices label or cheque it’s lab report and only see 4-5 ingredients, you’re looking at a high-quality product.

CBD Vapes vs Other CBD Products

As we mentioned above, there are many ways to enjoy CBD, but only CBD vaping holds a special place among the others.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different types of CBD absorption, their inherent bioavailability, and how they work…


This method of absorption comes from eating or consuming your CBD via a food (like a CBD gummy). The benefit of this method of absorption is that you get the full effects of the CBD as it becomes completely absorbed into your digestive system. It also lasts the longest among CBD absorption methods. The downside, however, is that once you’ve consumed the CBD oil, you can’t “un-consume” it, and you’ll be forced to feel the effects of it for the next several hours.

Topical Application

CBD topicals are CBD creams, CBD foot masks, and other rub-on uses of CBD. The way these methods work is that they enter the upper layers of the skin to relieve inflammation and in some cases minor aches and pains. The benefit of CBD topicals is their familiarity with the user. Most people have used lotion or some other body cream for purposes of moisturisation or muscle fatigue. Thankfully, CBD topicals can operate in a similar manner while providing additional benefits found only in CBD.


For many CBD purists, this is one of the more traditional methods of consuming CBD. Oral consumption typically takes the form of drops from a CBD tincture, capsules or gummies . The benefit of this method is that it can also be fast-activating—though not as fast as CBD vaping . Simple and versatile, CBD oil tinctures can be a great addition to any smoothie or drink, while still providing maximum body absorption.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, vaping combines the taste of your favourite candies and foods with the fast-acting benefits of CBD . In this way, it’s difficult to resist the charms of a good vape juice. Add in the fact that you have more control over the length of your CBD benefits’ effects and you’ve got a great recipe for quick AND lasting wellness.

So, Is Vaping Really Safe?

If you’re getting your vape juice from us, yes.

We Don’t Put Any Fillers in our Vape Juices

Vape juice is a pretty simple formula, and at max, there should really only be five main ingredients. At CBDfx, we don’t stress over costs if it means sacrificing quality. As a result, you won’t find any additional fillers in our vape juices—let alone ones that could be potentially harmful to your health. We utilise natural flavours, no artificial sweeteners, or fake colourings.

Our formula is as simple as PG, VG, CO2-extracted CBD, natural flavourings .

And that’s all you need.

All of Our Vape Juices Are Third-Party Lab-Tested

It means something to put your product to the test with third-party labs. It means you’re confident in the quality of your product to have it verified by someone unbiased. We do this to ensure our customers have the confidence they need to vape without worry—knowing that the e-liquid they’re putting into their body has been tested and re-tested to match a high standard.

A standard they can verify themselves at any time.

Our Vape Juice is Free of Vitamin E Acetate

One of the biggest culprits in a bad vape juice that can potentially harm its users is vitamin e acetate. For more unscrupulous CBD brands, they see it as an opportunity to cut costs and thicken their CBD. However, those kinds of shortcuts can do damage, as vitamin e acetate has been shown to cause serious lung damage in users. As a result, we can promise you that you will NEVER see these types of harmful chemicals lacing our products for the sake of scoring a quick buck.

We care about you, your health, and your overall wellness.

And that’s all there is to it.

Disclaimer : For our frequently asked questions (FAQs) please refer to our list above.

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You just happen to be at the best possible place to buy CBD vape juice! We offer an incredibly varied line of vape juices that have set the industry standard. So whether you are in the market for a premium vape oil additive or searching for vape juice with the rich earth flavour of terpenes and cannabis, we have something for you. Take a moment to browse through our incredibly varied line of vape juices, and you are certain to find a flavour profile and concentration that is just right for you!


We most certainly do! Our CBD Terpenes Oil is one of our customer favourites, and one of proudest offerings. We took the power of CBD and Terpenes and combined them with a variety of flavours inspired by popular cannabis strains such as OG Kush and Pineapple Express.

The combination of CBD and terpenes is still being studied, but scientists believe that there is potential for the two impressive compounds to work together to create what is known as “the entourage effect”, where both compounds become exponentially more powerful when used in conjunction with one another.


Our CBD vape juice is exceptionally easy to use and works just like any other vape juice. If you already have a sub-ohm vaping system then all you need to do is open your vape tank, and fill it with CBDfx vape juice just like you would with any other e-liquid.

Everyone has their own tolerance and set of preferences in regards to their use of CBD. For those who have not yet established that preference we always suggest that you start with a small amount and slowly increase that amount as needed.


People use cannabidiol to enhance their lives in a variety of different ways. Because CBD affects everyone in a unique and personal way, the only way to know what effects you can expect is through your own experience.


Vaping our CBD is an incredibly effective way to make it quickly bioavailable. When you orally ingest CBD it takes a bit longer to become bioavailable because it doesn’t absorb as fast as. Inhaling vapor allows an incredible absorption rate and allows you to experience the benefits of CBD almost instantly.


You most certainly can! While our e-liquids are delicious on their own, if you prefer to mix them with other flavours then feel free.


No, none of our CBD e-liquids or CBD products contain any nicotine.


Don’t worry, it’s easy! All of our products come with detailed instructions and we even offer an entire vape kit to kit you started. Simply add the e-liquid to the appropriate vape cartridge, insert the cartridge, and you are all ready to go!


Unfortunately, drug testing technologies haven’t quite been able to keep up with the incredible popularity of CBD and sometimes do show false positives for CBD users who do not use THC. For that reason we suggest speaking to your doctor before trying CBD if being able to pass a drug test is of concern to you.


CBD products with terpenes in them are a great way of doubling-down so to speak, and getting all the benefits of terpenes and CBD in one place.


No, terpenes are completely non-psychoactive.


Scientists are working hard to prove the existence of a potential phenomenon referred to as “the entourage effect” where CBD and terpenes work together to enhance each other’s capabilities and benefits.

CBDfx Vape Pens are the safest, cleanest, and tastiest vape pens on the market created with 100% organically grown hemp and extracted with a CO2 process.