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Herbstrong Review

The Herbstrong brand has become synonymous with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and, more specifically, the CrossFit community. Their Recovery product range has amassed them plenty of fans, including 90k followers on their Instagram page alone.

But is Herbstrong the result of clever marketing, or do they really produce high-quality oil? Let’s find out.

About Herbstrong: Trustworthiness & Industry Prominence

With a slogan like‘‘By the strongest, for the strongest”, you’d be forgiven for thinking Herbstrong was planning an avenger-styled takeover of the world. However, this brand is no stranger to success, having featured in Forbes, NBC, and HighTimes.

Their acid green packaging has become unmistakable both in the fitness industry and beyond. However, the brand’s origins remain an enigma, with no ‘‘About Us” page on their main site or Trustpilot reviews.

Quality, Credentials, & Lab Testing

When it comes to producing lab reports for their products, Herbstrong is very inconsistent. While they claim to lab test every batch, visitors to the site have no way of accessing the results.

Occasionally Herbstrong attaches some reports on their product descriptions. This information tells us that SC Labs are responsible for the analysis, but the information is limited. For example, the report shows a cannabinoid breakdown, but neither pesticide nor solvent content is tested.

Contacting the company directly might be the best way of receiving full analysis reports.

Return Policy & Quality Assurance

Herbstrong offers a 30-day return policy, as long as products are in the original packaging, unused, and able to be re-sold. Bear in mind that the company will not refund shipping costs, and the customer will be responsible for paying the return shipping also.

It’s good to see that the company offers a fairly standard return policy.

Product Manufacturing Process

Herbstrong offers little to no information about their manufacturing process. However, they do comment on the cannabinoid profiles of their products. They state that while all products are advertised as full-spectrum, some of them may be broad-spectrum (contain no THC).

Unfortunately, the brand hasn’t updated the packaging information, creating lots of confusion. Hopefully this will be changed sooner rather than later. In the meantime, visitors to the site will have to check the lab reports or ingredient lists for themselves.

Additional Product Information

Herbstrong’s Recovery oils are crafted with a very simple formula: hemp extract and coconut oil. Often focused and fewer ingredients translate to better quality, so a simple list is encouraging to see.

However, it’s noticeable that the brand doesn’t always publish full ingredients lists. For example, the CBD gummies list only contains what’s inside the capsule, missing out on the ingredients of the capsule shell itself.

Herbstrong Review: Highlights

One of the great things about Herbstrong is that they have a very clear target market – the athletic community. Read some more highlights about this brand below.

  • Veteran and Emergency Service Discount: Herbstrong offers discounted products for both veterans and emergency service personnel. To sign up, simply email the brand directly with proof of ID, and you’ll be added to the lifetime discount group.
  • Social Media Presence: While HerbStrong doesn’t have a large following on Facebook or Twitter, they are big on Instagram with over 90,000 followers. They post regularly on all platforms and offer plenty of discount promo codes and giveaways.
  • Concentrated Products: Herbstrong products like the Extra Strong Recovery Drops are 10x more concentrated than the average CBD oil. Each 1,000mg bottle contains only 15ml. This is useful for anyone wanting potent yet smaller servings.
  • High Potency Oils: The brand offers some very potent oils, including their 3,000 and 5,000 oil varieties. Considering they market towards bodybuilders with extremely high muscle mass, this is perhaps unsurprising.
  • Customer service: Herbstrong makes it clear that they are always reachable for their customers. On their website, they state that all email queries are answered by the next business day. Also, they advertise a phone number on the main page.

Negative Thoughts

The main issue with the Herbstrong brand is a lack of transparency. It’s difficult, and in some cases impossible, to find lab reports, full ingredient lists, a back-story, and manufacturing methods on the site.

This isn’t indicative that they produce poor products, but simply that it’s impossible to tell. In addition, the brand doesn’t have a Trustpilot account, meaning customers can’t see objective reviews.

Despite these problems, the brand is still a success. So hopefully we’ll see more information in the future.

Information on Where to Buy Herbstrong Products

The best site to buy Herbstrong products from is their own. Not only is it more convenient for customers to deal with the brand directly, but you might even save some money. Herbstrong regularly provides discount codes on their main page.

However, at present, the brand only delivers to the US and New Zealand.

Best Herbstrong Products: Product Selection & Costs

Herbstrong sells a simple line of CBD products that are made specifically for athletes and their pets. From oils to vape pens, here’s a breakdown of their product range.

Herbstrong’s Recovery Drops are available in three strengths; 1,000mg, 3,000mg (Silver Edition), and a huge 5,000mg (Gold Edition). Both the Silver and Gold Edition are full-spectrum oils; however, the 1,000mg variety is broad-spectrum. Each bottle is surprisingly small, at 15ml or 30ml, as Herbstrong’s formula is concentrated.
[Costs range from $65 to $325]

Customers can find both Recovery Cream and Transdermal Recovery Patches on the Herbstrong store. The cream contains 1000mg of full-spectrum CBD, while each patch contains 20mg with a total of 12 patches per box. Both products are designed to support recovering injuries, muscles, and cramps.
[Costs range from $65 to $75]

Herbstrong Extra Strong Recovery Capsules are made with the same hemp blend as the brand’s oral drops. Each 1,000mg bottle contains 40 capsules; this means 25mg of CBD in each capsule. Instead of hard pill casings, the brand has opted for a gel capsule, making swallowing a little easier.
[Costs are $75]

Herbstrong also sells a new vape range. Offering both cartridges and pens, customers can buy all they need in one place. Each cartridge contains a full-spectrum hemp blend, and if you want to save some money, you can buy a bundle of three. The vaporizer itself looks easy to fill and comes with a mini USB adaptor for charging.
[Costs range from $45 to $120.00]

Designed specifically for pets, the Strong Paws Recovery Drops can be bought in three strengths; 150mg, 2,00mg, and 3,000mg. The drops can be used over your pet’s food or placed directly in the mouth. Customers can find dosage guidance on the Herbstrong site.
[Costs range from $30 to $125]

Herbstrong Review: Final Thoughts

Herbstrong has some attractive qualities. High-strength oils, fitness-focused, and service discounts are just a few examples of how they’ve created an engaging brand with a loyal fanbase.

However, it’s difficult to recommend a brand when so little is known about its growing, manufacturing, and testing methods.

It will be up to each individual to decide whether you feel confident enough to invest in Herbstrong products.

My name is William, one of the contributors to this site, and a firm believer in the healing powers of Cannabis. I’m 57 years old, married and have two wonderful children.

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Love the CBD gel tabs from Herbstrong. Hope to switch to drops but not my favorite way to take

Dilution is key

Herbstrong is a good for gym goers and athletes. However, I find it a bit strong than the required strength for regular use for pain and stress. But the oil is It solves my purpose pretty well.

Need of the hour

In times of this Covid-19 lockdown, my entire schedule has gone haywire. I am completely disorganized. Getting up late in the morning, eating a lot more than my usual diet and doing nothing except lazying around. I’ve put on 2 kgs in the last 1.5 months. Also, I’ve become very lethargic and listless. I was thinking of starting exercise from the last couple of days, but could not will strong enough to execute my plan. An alarm of 6 in the morning, and then I used to put it off each day and go to sleep. However, last week I started Herbstrong. It has done to me what normal physical activity does to anyone. And today I even got up at 6 in the morning to do my aerobics for 40 minutes. Wow! Thanks Herbstrong.

Sharing my secret

Some forms of CBD are more bio-available than others. And that is why some brands are better than the rest. I started using CBD an year back and till date Herbstrong is my best pick. I am a miser at praising something. However, today, after my morning dose, I am feeling so happy and so contended, I thought I must share my secret with the entire world. Maybe more people can gain out of it like me.

Without any reason pains

Very, very strong. Go for it only if you have tried and are used to milder CBD’s first. Do not make this your first pick. But once you know you can tolerate, Herbstrong can make for a pretty good choice. The CBD company is trustworthy and the oil they produce is select. Not only for a post workout pain, it works great for other without any reason pains in the body too!

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