weed cookies with oil

Ask Cheri

I bought a big tub of chocolate chip cookie dough from Costco and I wondered if I could mix my infused cannabis oil it into that, in other words can I add marijuana oil to commercial cookie batters? If not, could I use my mister and spray each cookie like how you show how to do with snack foods?

While it sounds like it might be a good idea, mixing oil into an already made batter is problematic for two reasons:

1. The extra oil will affect the texture of your cookies.

2. Commercial cookie dough is so thick, it would be difficult if not impossible to get it evenly distributed throughout the batter. This would result in some cookies with big doses, some with little to none at all.

In my opinion, a better solution for those who are looking for quick easy ways to make cookies, brownies, or cakes, would be to use an ordinary mix, like you buy in the supermarket. Simply swap out some or all of the oil or butter (whatever the box calls for) for your infused oil or butter and follow the mix instructions.

How much infused oil or butter you will use will depend on the strength of your infusion and your personal tolerance and dosage needs. Check out my online Mini-Dosing course and dosage calculator tools that do all the work for you and make it quick and easy to adjust any marijuana recipe to your personal needs, or my Free Dosing class that teaches you how to use any ordinary calculator and the included worksheets to calculate dosages.

How to Add Marijuana To Already Baked Cookies

As to your second question, yes, you can use the technique illustrated in my medicating snack foods video to medicate already baked cookies. A quick spray of oil after baking, should give you a pretty low dosed cookie, so depending on your dosing needs, it may or may not be enough, unless you want to eat lots of cookies. Oh darn!

Can I Add Marijuana Oil To Existing Cookie Dough? A reader asks how feasible it is to mix marijuana oil into comercially made cookie dough. Cheri answers.