where to buy cbd oil in boise idaho

Where To Buy CBD Oil In Boise Idaho?

Joe Powers
Oct 18, 2020 · 4 min read

Is CBD legal in Boise Idaho?

CAUTION — The quick answer is “yes” CBD oil is legal in Boise Idaho. But, with one important restriction.

Idaho law, is a little bit more strict that federal law. In 2018, Trump signed the Farm Bill that essentially legalized hemp. However, there was a subtle nuance to be aware of in the difference between the federal definition of hemp and Idaho’s definition of hemp.

The main distinction is Idaho is mo r e strict with its definition of hemp. At the federal level, they allow hemp to have up to 0.3% THC and no more. Yet, in the state of Idaho, they’re a bit more strict and do not allow any THC in the hemp. If any hemp product has even a small or tiny trace amount of detectable THC, Idaho law considered it illegal marijuana an they might prosecute as such.

Do any local stores in Boise sell CBD or do I have to buy it online?

In Idaho, CBD can still be confused as illegal marijuana by different folks. Over the last few years, I’ve seen CBD shops pop up all over Idaho. And then, almost overnight, these CBD shops disappear for various reason.

There are different reasons why some CBD shop go out of business as quickly as they do, and it’s not necessarily because they’re selling CBD with THC in it. Some news articles show some CBD stores in Idaho shut down, simply because the people throw a little fuss and cause them to go under.

There could be any number of reasons to be wary of setting up a CBD shop in Idaho, even though most local authorities are slowly becoming ok with CBD, due to proper understanding.

  • For a full list of local places to buy CBD oil in Idaho, view my updated listhere. CAUTION. Some local Idaho stores sell CBD oil that has THC in it. Most don’t have lab tests to quickly view online. And several only sold CBD isolate products. I could be wrong, but, I didn’t see any local areas in Idaho selling a quality broad-spectrum CBD oil.

The only broad-spectrum CBD oil I currently recommend for Idaho residents is Joy Organics, for specific reasons. The primary reason is it’s legal and continues to maintain consistent quality with both humans and pet CBD products. Most low-quality CBD brands sell CBD isolate products, as well as selling CBD isolate products with a FALSE label that says broad-spectrum.

In order to purchase a true quality broad-spectrum CBD product, verify the lab-testing results from a recent Certificate Of Analysis (COA) has a large variety of different cannabinoids. If you see only one cannabinoid detected on the lab test, it’s technically a low-quality isolate.

Are full-spectrum CBD products legal in Idaho or are just broad-spectrum?

By definition, full-spectrum CBD oils contain the full range of 113 known cannabinoids — including up to 0.3% THC.

This means that, since full spectrum CBD oils DO have THC in it, they are not technically legal. There are a good amount of CBD brands out there that still ship full spectrum CBD oils to Idaho. However, just because some CBD companies will ship you a CBD oil bottle with some THC in it, doesn’t mean you 100% safe if you get caught with it.

Why I Choose Joy Organics CBD oil is because they are, imo, the most consistent CBD brand that keeps all the THC out of their product. A few brands I use to recommend started with zero THC and then upon check their most recent certificate of analysis (COA) a few months later, revealed their CBD oil had some trace amounts of THC in it.

When I discovered this, I quickly had to stop recommending them because even though it was such a TINY amount of THC, it was still technically illegal in Idaho.

Does CBD oil show up on a drug test Idaho?

If you’re using a CBD oil that have zero THC in it, you will be completely fine.

Typical standard drug tests only test for the byproduct of THC. I haven’t heard of any testing facilities looking for anyone using CBD. CBD is not psychoactive and therefore not interesting for the authorities to test you for it.

Is CBD isolate legal in Idaho?

Short answer is yes, but I will never recommend a CBD isolate product because they are mostly ineffective and require a HIGHLY precise dosage to even produce a desirable effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils are, in my opinion, the best options for Idaho residents looking to start taking CBD oil. The reason why broad-spectrum CBD oil is my preferred type of CBD oil is because it still contains a large variety of cannabinoids and also still provides the benefits of the entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect is when cannabinoids work together to make each other more effectively. Dr. Ethan Russo and Professor Raphael Mechoulam continue pioneering further understandings of the Entourage Effect. Their ongoing research reveals that humans have an ECS (EndoCannabinoid System) and that whole plant cannabinoids produce a synergistic response. Cannabis synergy is the enoutourage effect.

The Entourage Effect is when cannabinoids work together simultaneously to produce a GREATER effect than “without” a large combination of the hundreds of known cannabinoids.

CAUTION — The quick answer is “yes” CBD oil is legal in Boise Idaho. But, with one important restriction. Idaho law, is a little bit more strict that federal law. In 2018, Trump signed the Farm Bill…